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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Vertebrae Lodge Utility Systems

Mountain Lodge Construction at Chatter Creek
Vertebrae Lodge have complex water, fire suppression, electrical and sewerage systems.

Water is obtained from Spruce Creek that runs all year beside Vertebrae Lodge.  A 4 in. main feeds the original Spruce Lodge, vertebrae Lodge and the new Solitude Lodge.  A 2 in. bleeder causes a constant flow so as to avoid freezing.  "Guaranteed by engineers never to freeze", the system has been a constant problem, freezing solid early in each of the first two years of operation.    The system supplies the drinking water system, the hot water system, and a fire suppression system comprising a standpipe that runs to the roof of the building. Drinking water undergoes ultraviolet treatment.  The hot water system includes the hot tubs, large storage tanks, and a 1000 gal. reservoir buried in the crawl space to maintain constant temperature, as the outdoor furnace burns high or low.

Electrical power is provided by 30KW and  40KW diesel generators that are housed remotely from the lodges.  The electrical load includes a baseboard heater in each of the guest bedrooms.

The sewerage system includes three large settling tanks and a large buried drainage feild.  This engineered system is never supposed to require cleaning out.

The following link provides more information about Water and Sewer at Chatter Creek