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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Vertebrae Lodge Roof Construction

Mountain Lodge Construction at Chatter Creek The roof of Vertebrae Lodge is very large and contains an enormous amount of milled lumber. It needs to withstand a heavy winter snow load.

Each wing presented its own design challenge. The partners could deal with the design of the bedroom roof, but they needed help with the trusses for the main roof. The span was large and the roof loads are very heavy.

Christoph Loesch of Parson came to the rescue. Over a single weekend, he and his associates Sigi Liebmann of Golden and Zsolt Mozes of Parson visited Chatter Creek and, between them and the Chatter Team, three large trusses were designed, constructed and erected into place.

The photograph shows rafters in place over the bedroom wing, ready to to be strapped for the sheet steel. Trusses and purlins for the main roof are in place, ready to receive the rafters. In the race against the weather, the bedroom roof will be completed first, so as to provide a dry area for material storage.

Click here for a detailed photo-description of the roof construction for Vertebrae Lodge