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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Final Preparations to Occupy Vertebrae Lodge

Mountain Lodge Construction at Chatter Creek

For much of September through November and into December, as many trips as weather allowed were made from Golden to the site to deliver equipment and materials. A 22-ft highway trailer was hauled by truck to the fuel cache at the bottom of the Chatter Creek road. From there, a 4WD farm tractor was used to pull the trailer the final 17 km tot he site. Before it snowed, trips were only possible when the road had frozen overnight. Otherwise the muddy surface was too slippery. When enough snow accumulated in November, a snowcat was used to pull the trailer.

The task of making the brand new log building ready for habitation was immense. Everything was dirty and every crevasse oozed sawdust. Floors and walls had to be swept and then swept again. Carpets had to be vacuumed and bathroom fixtures cleaned of manufacturers markings and labels. Windows had to be cleaned, both inside and out and more labels removed. The kitchen was thoroughly cleaned and completely stocked. The bar was be stocked and made ready with crystal-clear glasses. Furniture was moved in, cleaned and put in place. Light fixtures required light bulbs, bathrooms needed stocking with soap, shampoo and towels. Twenty-four beds were made. The list of tasks went on and on.

For an up-to-date view of the interior of Vertebrae lodge, look at our "Lodge life at Chatter Creek" photo gallery.